Music, Writing and Productivity pt. I

I’m always listening to something, almost no matter where  Igo, especially if I’m walking log distances.   Whether it be music or podcasts, having something in my ears helps my messy mind stay on track, otherwise, it floats away like the kid who lost their balloon at the carnival.


So, it’s no surprise that I listen to music when I write. Music does three things for me when I sit down to spin stories.

1.) Music Sets the Stage

I have MONTHS worth of music on my Spotify account–my longest and favourite being a  whopping 240+ hours of music. Having such a vast library allows me to pick and chose a music playlist that best sets the mood of my story. For example! I’ve been writing short pieces for a YA novel I’ll write one day, and the natural overdrive I hear from groups like Skillet and Five Finger Death Punch, and the melodic and symbolic lyrics from Nightwish and Epica set the tone perfectly for this universe. The feeling of love, loss, and desperation rambles around in my head and channels what I feel from the music to fuel the emotion and mood of the story.

For the urban fantasy I’m writing–my biggest and most important project–I have a playlist of swing, electro-swing and modern swing. The slick, sexy sounds of an almost alternate 1920’s universe set the stage for the slick, sexy and upbeat universe of an urban fantasy.


2.) Music Inspires

I don’t have to be in front of a notebook or laptop to be fueled by music. Like I said, I’m messy-minded, and music molds my messy mind of mine (oh, look! An alliteration!) into something workable. Music inspires me. Be it classical, dubstep, melodic metal or gangster rap, music has the power to spark a new story in mind. I may have a small spark of an idea floating around somewhere, and a certain style of music clicks with that inkling of an idea, and a song can take it from there, giving the story life.

What about you? Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind of music do you listen to?