Musings on Muses

“She is the beginning of new life, baby flower in the spring
The symphonic tune of summer that makes the world sing
She is autumn leaves dancing, illuminated by evening light
All assuring warmth, through a harsh winter’s night
The beauty in changing seasons is what I think of
When I stare up at the sky and ponder the woman that I love”

One of the most fulfilling and beautiful things about being a writer, is perhaps our ability to craft the most amazing tales of poems from the strange and wonderful world around us.

The above poem, dear readr was inpsired by a woman that I love very much. In fact, it is her that inspired poetry writing in me, but that is another tale for another occasion.

She is the well of life in which that poem spring from. She is the source. She is, my muse.

Many of us creative types are inspired by the amazing people around us. Throughout history, they have breathed creative life into our lungs, that would drive us to create our best work.

Patti Smith was muse to Robert Mapplethorpe–but oddly enough his photography was her muse as well.

Camille Claudel–sculptor and mistress of sculptor Auguste Rodin–a “revolt against nature; a woman genius”.

And let us not forget “youthquaker” and “it” girl Edie Sedgick–muse to oddball extrordinaire Andy Warhol–filmed shopping for clothes or smoking cigarettes.

We all are inspired by the wonderful, amazing and beautiful people that surrounds our day today lives. Whether total strangers, friends or lovers. There is–there CAN–be someone in your life that inspires you to create amazing, fantastich art. All because they are in your life. Thus dear writer, value your friendships and relationships. Build bonds with amazing and strange and wonderful people. You never know who will inspire a great work within you…